Since 1984, Lorenzo Dante Ferro provides olfactive décor to private homes, historical estates, luxury hotels and numerous private and public establishments in Europe, United States and Asia. Some of these properties are located within recently-constructed skyscrapers that characterize Manhattan’s Colombus Circle while others, like the Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan, date back to the glorious years of the Belle Époque

Profumi d’Ambiente were created for absolutely everyone to enjoy, for every style of décor, for making everyday more special. Take the time to study your surroundings. Give special care by spraying in areas where there are natural retentive boundaries to increase and maintain fragrance perception.  It is the constant daily use of the Profumi d’Ambiente fragrances sprayed high into the air and allowed to decant, that determines the character of a room. Profumi d’Ambiente is highly concentrated so it is not necessary to spray throughout the day.

Lorenzo Dante Ferro originated this luminous idea in 1984, when he chose to create the first four ambiance fragrances to perfume his own home in the Italian countryside. Today, the Profumi d’Ambiente collection consists of more than sixty fragrances and continues to grow. The line has proven to be a brilliant success over the past twenty-three years; adding a new dimension of hospitality to interior design and event planning: from parties for historical garden societies to natural parks, from concerts to culinary events, from Saint Moritz to Macau, from El Paso to Marbella, from our home to your home. Wherever in the world you may be, Profumi d’Ambiente makes every moment, of every day, ever more pleasurable.

Lorenzo Dante Ferro also undertakes individual commissions to create exclusive ambiance signature fragrances for luxury hotels and other prestigious establishments.