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The most exciting aspect of Lorenzo Dante Ferro perfumes is that clients are invited to work with the Master Perfumer himself, to create their very own personalised perfume. There is a unique thrill when collaborating with an expert "Olfactive Architect" in the production process, to produce one's very own beautiful, bespoke fragrance! We also work with organisations to rebrand a Lorenzo Dante Ferro fragrance in order to create your very own company perfume, showcasing your products with original fragrance concepts for cosmetics, toiletries and home care products. 

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For weddings, we offer bespoke services on special request, custom fragrances, ambiance perfumes, fragrance delivery machines, candles and wedding favours.

Since 1984 we have introduced fragrances for events, whether indoor or outdoor, with our Fragrance Delivery Systems. Our timed diffusers intermittently spray LDF perfumes into the atmosphere, creating a unique aura for any special occasion.

Upon special request, Lorenzo Dante Ferro will create new Profumi d’Ambiente exclusively for you, designed to further enhance the personalisation of the Fragrance Delivery System selected to perfume all medium to large professional, commercial and leisure areas such as, department stores, cinemas, offices shopping malls, trade fairs, showrooms, hotels, theatres, national parks, museums, fashion shows…

Perfumes released freely in the air can create a positive, welcoming form of multi-sensory design. It is known that studies in aromatherapy and aromacology are undertaken to better comprehend the numerous and various beneficial properties of natural essential oils. Each of our Profumi d’Ambiente are state of the art creations, blended with the finest selection of raw materials and natural essential oils of the finest qualities by Lorenzo Dante Ferro, Master Perfumer. Let Olfactive Architecture become your natural form of expression by creatively applying the interpretive powers of the olfactive memory to your communication needs to underline your message in the best way possible.

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