lorenzo dante ferro

Lorenzo Dante Ferro

Maestro Profumiere - Master Perfumer

Perfumes since 1982


As a natural result, following an international itinerary rich in experience and prestige, Lorenzo Dante Ferro returning to his Venetian and Parma origins, founded in 1982 the artistic artisan company that bears his name in the Terre di Mezzo of Friuli, a geographical area rich with the history that binds it to the Serenissima Republic of Venice, which was to play a fundamental role in the dawning of the earliest artistic perfume creations.

His journey begins in Zurich, Switzerland, where after having completed his studies in chemistry he excels in a selective aptitude test, which signals his admittance into Luzi AG as an apprentice perfumer.

The successive phase brings him to Grasse to undertake studies of the Jean Carles system at l'Ecole de Parfumerie Roure Bertrand Dupont, studies of the techniques of perfume composition at Compagnie d'Argeville and studies of the techniques of extraction and distillation of raw materials at Camilli, Albert & Laloue (Pfizer).

What follows is a budding career as a Perfumer with Bush Boake Allen Ltd. in London and the United States, where he receives the title of Inventor with international patent assignments for his work in research, development and creation of new aromatic raw materials in collaboration with Professors Richard Clive Cookson and Rahman Ansari.

In a career continually on the rise, he is appointed Creative Perfumer at Fritzsche Dodge & Olcott Inc. (BASF) in New York City and afterwards Chief Perfumer at Universal Fragrance Corp. in Brussels and Aromessence Inc. in Paris.


Lorenzo Dante Ferro, originator of the lines "Profumi d'Autore" e "Profumi d'Ambiente", dedicates his creations to a portfolio of cosmopolitan clients and through his participation as a lecturer on the international circuit, bears witness to the role of Master Perfumer and Italian creativity

Lorenzo Dante Ferro is fortunate indeed to be one of the hundred Master Perfumers in the world. Having rightfully earned his title, he is one of the very few independent creators and producers of fine fragrances for limited and exclusive distribution today. After acquiring extensive, international experience in the world’s most important centres of fragrance creation: Zurich, Grasse, London, New York and Paris, he selected to step out on his own, breaking away from the corporate world of fragrance, to return to his origins. This difficult choice proved to be vital for the creation of perfumes of the finest quality, destined for niche markets, which would rekindle the grand traditions of artistic, Italian fragrance creations. 

In 1982, Lorenzo Dante Ferro founded his small, Italian artisan company and established his Creative Perfume Studio and production laboratories in two countryside villages in the northeast of Italy, between Venice and Trieste. 

Since 1984, Lorenzo Dante Ferro provides olfactive décor to private homes, historical estates, luxury hotels and numerous private and public establishments in Europe, United States and Asia. Some of these properties are located within recently-constructed skyscrapers that characterise Manhattan’s Colombus Circle while others, like the Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan, date back to the glorious years of the Belle Époque.