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ARANCIA DI SICILIA - (SWEET ORANGES) The fresh and tangy sweetness of freshly squeezed Sicilian oranges.

BELLE EPOQUE' - (ENGLISH BOUQUET) A romantic bouquet of precious, antique flowers.

BERGAMOTTO REGGIO - (FRESH CITRUS) The noble citrus fruit of the Iconic Calabrian coasts.

CEDRO DEL LIBANO - (CITRUS CEDARWOOD)The aromatic fragrances of treasures hope chests humidors made of Cedarwood.

CREMA VANIGLIA – (SWEET VANILLA) The sweet temptation of Italian pastries laceD with sugar and icing.

ERBASOGNO - (PRECIOUS LEAVES) A suggestive blend of precious leaves, herbs and oriental woods to evoke sweet dreams.

FIOR D'ANICE - (STAR ANISE) The cool and energising notes of Star Anise on a warm vanilla bean background.

FRUTTI ROSSI - (RED FRUITS) A fruity green accord of wild berries and forest ferns.

GELSOMINO ITALIANO - (ITALIAN JASMINE) The intense floral notes of fresh Italian Jasmine.

LAVANDA & MERLETTI - (SWEET LAVENDER) Italian lavender Flowers for a touch of traditional, antiquity and lace.

LEGNO DI CEYLON - (SOFT SANDALWOOD ) The mystical and evocative powers of Sandalwood and precious resins from the Orient.

LINO ECRU - (CLEAN LINEN) The evocative note of fresh linens washed in traditional Italian laundries.

MADRESELVA - (ENGLISH BLOSSOM) The clean, fresh floral note of summer's favourite climbing floral blossoms.

MARE SMERALDO - (EMERALD SEA) The salt-watery waves of the Mediterranean coupled with crisp aromatic herbs.

MIRTO SARDO - (FLORAL SHRUB) The traditional and fragrant notes of this flowering Mediterranean shrub.

NERO & TANE' - (BLENDED SPICE) An accord of precious woods and leather with nuances of espresso and star anise.

PAN PEPATO - (GINGERBREAD) Freshly baked gingerbread, a traditional and heart warming way to say "Welcome".

PETALI DI ROSA - (ENGLISH ROSE PETALS) The nostalgic intensity of a lovely English Rose garden.

PEPE NERO - (SPICY PEPPER) The spicy and intense fragrance of freshly-ground black pepper.

PINO SCOZZESE -  (SCOTTISH PINE) The fresh and revitalising notes of lush forest vegetation.

PRATO INGLESE - (ENGLISH GRASS) The fresh and brisk notes of manicured golf greens and fairways.

SOLE DI CAPRI - (FRESH CITRUS) Citrus and Mediterranean fruits warming under the sun on the beautiful Isle of Capri.

TALCO BEBE' – (BABY TALCUM) A delicate veil of softness, like a newborn's skin.

TE' VERDE DI MAGGIO - (GREEN TEA LEAVES) The relaxing, soothing and herbaceous notes of selected green tea leaves.

VIOLA DEL RE - (ENGLISH VIOLETS) The cool, shady expressions of the wood and its delicate leaves and flowers.

ZAGARA BIANCA – (DELICATE ORANGE AND LEMON) A creamy citrus accord of lemon blossoms and orange flowers for a true bridal bouquet.

ZANZERO D'INDIA - (GINGEROOT) The exotic and piquant woody notes of the fragrance ginger root.