Fragrance Delivery Systems

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Venetian Master Perfumer Ltd is a leader in forging new marketing trends in the fragrance industry. Bringing an innovative edge and an artistic and professional expertise to the perfume market, the company has created some quality unique and original olfactive products that evoke a personal response in clients. Embarking on any Olfactive Project is a journey towards understanding your specific requests to create a bespoke, client-driven perfume, and is supported by a targeted marketing strategy carefully conceived to stimulate your customers. 

Lorenzo Dante Ferro, the famous nose behind this team, offers tailored perfume services for the production of personal bathroom accessories, candles, diffusers and the delivery of ambient fragrances to perfume indoor spaces. 

The business potential for this industry is enormous, and we believe we are on the cusp of an explosion in demand for this service. Venetian Master Perfumer Ltd is ideally placed to exploit this potential, as we are at the forefront of this exciting and innovative new frontier.

Perfumes released freely in the air can create a positive, welcoming form of multi-sensory design. It is known that aromatherapy has many beneficial properties for our wellbeing. Each of our Profumi d’Ambiente are state of the art creations, blended with the finest selection of raw materials and finest natural essential oils. Let Olfactive Architecture become your natural form of expression by creatively applying the interpretive powers of the olfactive memory to your communication needs to underline your message in the best way possible.