SuperYACHT fragrances

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We are leaders in the creation of new marketing trends in the fragrance field: we have the verve and the artistic and professional ability to create original olfactive expressions of quality that will communicate directly with your clients. Each olfactive project undertaken is designed to meet with your specific requests and is supported by a new marketing strategy carefully conceived to stimulate your target. We encourage you to challenge current marketing factors by making the human element your number one priority all of the time. 

Introducing our fragrance delivery systems for superyachts. Our aim is to diffuse a perfumed aura throughout ultra high end spaces using our luxury Ambiance Fragrance Delivery machines, which enable each client to tailor their mood with an array of personalised, atmospheric scents. To ease you out of bed in the morning, your desire may be for an energising fragrance such as Mandarin; you may want to temper the afternoon heat with a refreshing Sole di Capri; and as the lights go down and the stars come out, why not wind down by wrapping yourself in the warm embrace of a calming lavender fragrance before bedtime.



Perfumes released freely in the air can create a positive, welcoming form of multi-sensory design. It is known that aromatherapy has many beneficial properties for our wellbeing. Each of our Profumi d’Ambiente are state of the art creations, blended with the finest selection of raw materials and finest natural essential oils. Let Olfactive Architecture become your natural form of expression by creatively applying the interpretive powers of the olfactive memory to your communication needs to underline your message in the best way possible.

yacht fragrances.jpg